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From a Behavioral Point of
View: A Psychological Primer

Jay Moore, University of
   Wisconsin, Milwaukee

192 pages / paper / ISBN: 978-1-59738-055-3
$29.95   Available April 2, 2015

Table of Contents
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This brief, 190-page paperback text covers many topics that appear in more traditional psychology courses, but from the standpoint of behavior analysis. For example, among the topics covered are genetics, language, the self, consciousness, cognition, perception, intentions, emotions, ethics, and values. In each chapter, the author introduces the main topic, then compares a traditional approach to the topic with a behavior analytic approach. Also included are logical extensions to ideas and concepts students may have heard about in other psychology courses, but about which students may have thought behavior analysis has nothing to say.

Each chapter is self-contained, which allows instructors to rearrange topics to suit their courses. The book can serve as either the main text, perhaps augmented by additional readings, or a supplement, to supply behavior analytic content in an existing course.