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List of Contributors                                              

  Forward: Madeleine Albright                  

  Preface: Robert L. Caslen, Superintendent, U.S. Military Academy                



1. Does Inequality Matter?                           

      Hugh Liebert

2. Separate But Unequal: Do Race, Gender, and Class

    Still Matter?                                                       

      Nathan Strickland

3. Collective Defense, Disjointed Security: Exploring European

    Threat, Defense Policy, and Capacity Inequalities                

      Thomas Burns

4. The Gamble of Democracy: The Popularity of Political Islam

    and What It Means for Middle Eastern Women                   

      Jonathan Couch

5. Inequality in Latin America                                   

      Patrick Kriz

6. The Inverse Care Law: Inequity in Health Status and Access

    to Health Care in Africa                            

      Bonnie Kovatch

7. The Bear's Matryoshka: Power, Democracy, Equality,

    and Decline                                                   

      Aaron Brantly

8. A Different Rebalance: Confronting Destabilizing Inequalities

    in the People's Republic of China               

      Mary McGovney

9. Of Populations and Power: Demography, the Rise of

    the BRICS and U.S. National Security                

      Hugh Liebert and Regina Parker

10. Cooperation under the Cybersecurity Dilemma          

      Shawn W. Lonergan

11. Go Goliath! Light Footprints and the Challenge of

      Asymetric Warfare                  

      Cole Pinheiro

12. Responsibility to Protect: Perspectives and Political

      Challenges of Intervention                                   

      Chad Fitzgerald

13. The Uneven Spread of Democracy: An Assessment of

      Global Trends                                      

      Thomas Sherlock

14. The Economic, Political, and Social Implications of

      International Trade on Equality                  

      Dean Dudley

15. "Let Them Eat Carbon Credits:                        

      Corbett Baxter

16. The Military as Mirror: Should the Military Be Representa-

      tive of American Society?                         

      Thomas "Nate" Garner