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Aubrey Daniels, Taking Behavior Analysis to Work  
Tristram Smith, The Longest Journey  
Karen Pryor, Inside and Outside Behavior Analysis  
Henry Pennypacker, Reinforcement in the Key of C  
Andy Bondy, Picture This  
E. Scott Geller, Driven to Make a Difference  
Teodoro Ayllon, Present at the Creation of Applied Behavior Analysis  
Kurt Salzinger, Barking Up the Right Tree  
Beth Sulzer-Azaroff, Reflections on the Shaping of an Early Female
    Behavior Analyst  

Murray Sidman, The Analysis of Behavior: What’s In It for Us?  
Robert Holdsambeck, Special Children  
Kent Johnson, Behavior Analysts Can Thrive in General Education Too  
Abigail B. Calkin, Always the Back Door  
Francis Mechner, Some Historic Roots of School Reform  
Terry McSween, Journey Through Behavioral Safety  
Carl Binder, Teachers and Students Passing it On  
Richard Malott, What Makes Dick So Weird?  
Travis Thompson, Imagination in Science
T. V. Joe Layng, In Search of Consequences

Julie Smith, An Unusual Path to an Unusual Career in Organizational Behavior Management
Dwight Harshbarger, Sliding Doors: A Chronicle
William L. Heward, Why Be a Behavior Analyst?
J.E.R. Staddon, "Superstition"
Philip Hineline, On Discovering What Our Science Is About
Sigrid Glenn, Scratching the Itch for Integration
James E. Carr, From Working as a Behavior Analysts to Working For Behavior Analysis
Maria Malott, Search for Answers: Behavior, Systems, and Culture
Victor Laties, A Life in Behavior Analysis and Psychopharmacology
A. Charles Catana: Antecedents: How Behavior Analysis Chose Me