1. Introduction
  Denise Ross and R. Douglas Greer
2. Fundamental Teaching Practices: From Positive Classroom Management
    to Instructional Demonstration Learning Units
  Jo Ann Pereira Delgado & Jennifer Weber  
3. Identifying and Establishing Reading Readiness and “Seeing” What is Read
  Susan Buttigieg, Gabriella Pedrero-Davilla, and R. Douglas Greer 
4. Establishing Fluent Textual Responses
  Leanna Mellon and Katharine Loomis
5. Incorporating Reading Curricula Using the Strategic Science of Teaching
  Jennifer Weber, Katharine Loomis , and Leanna Mellon
6. Idiosyncratic Problems in Learning to Textually Respond
  Leanna Mellon and Katharine Loomis
7. Teaching Middle Schoolers and Adolescents to Texually Respond
  Margaret Uwayo, Gaige Johnson, Ariana D’Arms, and Denise Ross
8. Accelerating Reading Comprehensiion by Establishing Conditioned 
    Reinforcement for Reading Content
  Brittany Bly and Lara Gentilini
9. Idiosyncratic Stimulus Control for Comprehension
  Kelly Mercorella
10. Reader as Writer
  Jennifer Weber, Jennifer Longano, Kieva Hranchuk
11. Teaching Upper Elementary and Secondary Students to Read-to-Learn
  Brandi Fontenot, Denise Ross, Kelly Mercorella, Joanne Robbins, 
     Vanessa Laurent-Prophete, and Joanne Powell

12. Collaborating with Schools and Programs
  Shannon Hammond, Denise Ross, and Amoy Hugh-Pennie 

ISBN 978-1-59738-150-5 / 320 pages / paper 
Available July 2023

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