Section I: Introduction to Training Staff to Teach  

1. Introduction to Training Staff to Teach 

2. Overview of the Training-to-Teach Approach 

3. Determining the Most Meaningful Skills for Staff to Teach People
With Severe Disabilities  

Section II: Classroom-Based Training Procedures 

4. Training to Use A Task Analysis 

5. Training to Prompt Learner Responses  

6. Training to Correct Learner Responses  

7. Training to Reinforce Correct Learner Responses  

8. Training to Teach in A Synthesized Manner  

Section III: Promoting and Maintaining Staff Teaching Skills
   On The Job  

9. On-The-Job Training  

10. Maintaining Staff Teaching Skills  

Section IV: Use of Visual Media During Training  

11. Supplementing Training-to-Teach with Media-Based


Section V: Selected Readings and Appendices  

Selected Readings  


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