The Positive Classroom
Improving Student Learning and Behavior

Introduction: The Importance of Positive Classroom Environments  1

Part One: Positive Strategies for Preventing and Reducing
Inappropriate Behavior  11

1. Strategies for Preventing Inappropriate Behavior  13
2. Positive Classrooms: Promoting Student Success  20

Part Two: Student Motivation  29
3. Motivating Students  31
4. Students Complimenting and Coaching Their Peers  46
5. Group Contingencies  57

Part Three: Differential Reinforcement  67
6. Differential Reinforcement of Alternative Behaviors (DRA):
       A Strategy for Teaching Appropriate Behaviors While Reducing
       Inappropriate Behavior  69
7. Other Reinforcement Procedures to Reduce Inappropriate
      Behavior  75

Part Four: Teaching Social Skills and Addressing Bullying  83
8. Social Skills   85
9. Bullying  96

Appendices  111
References  127

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