Sara E. Quay, Ph.D.

Section One: Current Perspectives  
1. Introduction
  Kathleen Dyer et al.  
2. Neurodiverse Community Voices
  Kathleen Dyer et al.   

Section Two: Person-Centered Goal Selection  
3. We Have Assent: But Do We?
  Anna Linnehan et al.   
4. Meaningful Goal Selection and Curriculum
       Development for Neurodiverse Individuals
  Shanna Bahry  
5. A Context for Responsive and Responsible 
  Family Collaboration with Young Autism
Shahla Ala'i-Rosales et al.

Section Three: Comprehensive and Strength-Based Treatment
6. Social Rules and Social Tools:
       What’s the Difference?
  Christine Milne & Julia Ferguson  
7. Now You Are Part of a Group! Behavior
       Skills for Goup Inclusion
   Julia Ferguson
8. Higher Education
  Noor Syed et al.
9. Professional Perspectives on Profound
  Britany Melton et al.
10. Profound Autism: The Blindspot of
    Gloria Martino Satriale et al.

Section Four: Promoting Well-Being and Quality of Life  
11. Finding Your Community through Leisure
    Lisa Tereshko et al.
12. Safety Skills to Reduce Risk and Harm
    Natalie Driscoll et al.
13. The Need for Comprehensive Sexuality
       Education: A Resource for the Neurodiverse
    Jessica Cauchi

Section Five: Fostering Community and Belonging  
14. Preparing the Community for Acceptance
       and Belonging
    Lisa Tereshko and Mary Jane Weiss
15. Novel Approaches for Adult Living
    Beth Keefe et al.
16. Compassionate Care and Neurodiversity:
  Hopeful Progress and Future Actions 
    Eilis O'Connell-Sussman et al.
17. Navigating Tomorrow: Future Directions
       for Behavior Analysts
    Mary Jane Weiss & Lisa Tereshko

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