Behavioral Relaxation Training: Clinical Applications with Diverse Populations, 3/E


Preface  vii


About the Authors  

Foreword by Peter Sturmey, Ph.D. 

1. Stress and Coping  

Two Case Studies  





BACB Task List (5th edition)  


2. Relaxation Training: An Overview  

A Brief History and Description of Training Procedures  

Theories of Relaxation  

Relaxation as a Response Class  


BACB Task List (5th edition)  


3. Assessment of Relaxation  

Function-Based Assessment and Relaxation  

Assessment of Training  

Self-Report Measures of Relaxation  

The Behavioral Relaxation Scale (BRS)  


BACB Task List (5th edition)  


4. Behavioral Relaxation Training  

Prerequisites for Training  

Acquisition Training Procedures  

Proficiency Training Procedures  

Variations of Behavioral Relaxation Training  

Focused Breathing  

Issues That May Interfere with BRT  

Modifications of the BRT Protocol for Diverse Populations and Individual Needs  

Training the Trainers  


BACB Task List (5th edition)  


5. Neurodevelopmental Disorders  

Intellectual Disabilities (ID)  

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)  

Schizophrenic Spectrum Disorder (SSD)  

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  

Emotional Disturbance (ED)  


BACB Task List (5th edition)  


6. Pain, Anxiety, and Stress Disorders  

Pain Disorders  

Anxiety Disorders  


BACB Task List (5th edition)  


7. Neurological Disorders  

Essential Tremor  

Tourette’s Syndrome  

Huntington’s Disease  

Traumatic Brain Injury  


BACB Task List (5th edition)  


8. Where do we go from here?  

Basic Research Questions  

Questions of Clinical Significance  

The Clinician as Researcher  


BACB Task List (5th edition)  



A. Tension Self-Report Rating and Home Practice Record  

B.  States of Arousal and Relaxation Scale  

C.  Behavioral Relaxation Scale  

D. Acquisition Training Protocol for Use with Trainers  

E.  Pre-post Relaxation Distress Rating Scale  

F.  Contract for Maintaining Behavior Change  

G. Residential BRT Checklist  

H. Caregiver Reclined Relaxed Behavior Rating Form  

I.   Reclined Relaxed BRT Acquisition Training Protocol  

J.   Written Criterion Tests for Behavioral Relaxation Scale Observers  


Name Index  

Subject Index  

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