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Black Politics in Conservative America
Fourth Edition

Marcus N. Pohlmann
Rhodes College

Available March 2020
420 pages / paper / $39.95
ISBN: 978-1-59738-092-8
Table of Contents
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Black Politics in Conservative America provides an historical overview of blacks' socioeconomic position in American society and in the postindustrial class structure, and promotes an agenda for change.

This edition is available as an inexpensive hard-copy paperback or as an e-book through Vital Source and Redshelf. 

  • Part One sets out a conceptual framework
  • Part Two documents the position of black America in the nation’s post-industrial class system.
  • Part Three examines specific political arenas and reveals their inherently conservative functions, despite the efforts made within them for change.
  • Part Four argues for the creation of a tightly organized political coalition of disinherited groups, employing a diversified and multi-front strategy from within and outside the existing system, with goals that include altering both the political and economic structures that have long helped to perpetuate blacks’ inferior position. For African Americans, this is particularly vital if the vestiges of slavery are finally to be eradicated and justice attained.

Black Politics in Conservative America is appropriate for use as a core textbook or supplementary text in courses throughout the social sciences, including departments of political science, sociology, urban studies and African American studies.