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Philosophy Through Film,
Second Ediiton
Burton Porter
Western New England University

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ISBN: 1-59738-018-0

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The Second Edition of Philosophy Through Film continues to break new ground for the Introductory philosophy course by using classic and contemporary films to illustrate traditional philosophic works. The philosophical contents comples alive as never before as it is linked with students' contemporary experience.


Classic readings from Plato's Republic through J.S. Mills' Utilitarianism through C.S. Lewis' The Problem of Pain continue to anchor the text, and provide the thematic structure as the reader moves from the study of epistemology through metaphysics, ethics, religion and politics.


The new edition brings the illustrative material up to the present with the inclusion of films such as Crash, The Minority Report, and The Truman Show as well as the addition of classic productions such as Diary of a Country Priest and To Kill a Mockingbird.